What is Cyberculture?—Why is the Internet so Weird?—What is Vaporwave?—What Style is In Fashion on the Internet?

Are you aware of the new, weird internet culture? It’s a new kind of weird that has never been seen before. Ironic, purposefully bad editing in bad taste, overstimulating, politically incorrect, Asian-influenced and nostalgic. This is the culture of this digital decade.

Sewing Pattern Review | Review your favourite Sewing Pattern or Equipment

Adding to our Wonderful World of Web is the site for sewers, patterns and much more! Join us as Sarah explores this world of pattern making and DIY clothing.

Shopping, Designers and Bargains Galore

Leila explores Melbourne’s fashion districts, from the newly revamped Myer in Bourke St Mall to Smith St Bazaar in Fitzroy. Get an insight into one of Melbourne’s most famous pastimes, shopping!