Political Brands and Brands Getting Political: Political Marketing and Identity Politics

In recent years, political parties have become brands, and brands have become political. And this political marketing has played a large role in causing the proliferation of identity politics in recent times.

Is That Trump’s Real Personality? How Can He Be Like That? How Would He Act If He Became President? The Making And Marketing Of Donald Trump

Is Trump acting to give the public what they want? Or is his real personality that outrageous? Is it marketing or mistakes? And what if he became the President?

Marketers Get Off Your High Horse And Learn From Clickbait

Clickbait is populist, anticlimactic and ultimately—it gets clicks. As clicks are the essence of SEO, you’re marketing and content can learn from clickbait (but this doesn’t mean you have to produce it).

Typing Ergonomics—How to Type Without Hand/Arm/Wrist Pain—Avoid & Manage RSI, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis

The necessity to take care of your hands, arms and wrists while typing is often something that only occurs to people when it’s already too late. To avoid and treat hand/arm/wrist pain and overuse conditions, this list is essential, especially for office workers, tradies, students and writers.

Budgie 9—budgy smuggler® and Whether All Publicity is Good Publicity in Marketing

The Budgie 9 incident begs the question is the swimsuit industry benefiting from all this free advertising? What are the chances that this was a publicity stunt organised by a swimsuit company. And—this entire incident sheds light on one of the key issues at the heart of marketing: is all publicity good publicity?

Does Google have a Left-Wing Bias? Influence us? Pull the Strings? How bad is this?

Is Google influencing us in very subtle but ubiquitous ways—causing large shifts in public opinion? What does this mean for free thought? Even if you are left-wing, do you agree with this?

The Ontology of Directories | A Philosophical Look at Business, Computing and the Internet

Are things really what we think they are? How about a solid rock? Or even something we ourselves defined like a directory listing? When we investigate the philosophy of it, we discover that we aren’t on ontologically solid ground, but then science gives us reassurance.

Should Grammar be Strict or Flexible? | Is it wrong to break the rules?

Have you ever wondered if or why it’s wrong to break the rules of grammar? You might be surprised that this is actually a debate that rages in the grammatical world, and once you form an opinion, it may change the way you use language forever.