Political Correctness Versus Free Speech—Must We Choose?

Do we need to choose between rambunctious free speech and prudish political correctness. Is there a better middle-ground, and one that doesn’t trade-off these values so heavy-handedly. In fact, there is a best-of-both-worlds solution

Political Brands and Brands Getting Political: Political Marketing and Identity Politics

In recent years, political parties have become brands, and brands have become political. And this political marketing has played a large role in causing the proliferation of identity politics in recent times.

Are Leaders Insane? What Is The Psychology Of A Manager Or Politician?

Are a “sizable percentage” of leaders insane as according to Obama? Is narcissism and psychopathy rampant in these jobs?

Is That Trump’s Real Personality? How Can He Be Like That? How Would He Act If He Became President? The Making And Marketing Of Donald Trump

Is Trump acting to give the public what they want? Or is his real personality that outrageous? Is it marketing or mistakes? And what if he became the President?

Does Google have a Left-Wing Bias? Influence us? Pull the Strings? How bad is this?

Is Google influencing us in very subtle but ubiquitous ways—causing large shifts in public opinion? What does this mean for free thought? Even if you are left-wing, do you agree with this?