Christian Conservatism Made Society—Says Progressive Agnostic …And Is Not Evil

Praise the Great Almighty Divine Supreme. –Is what you were expecting this article to say. In fact, it’s about how the irreligious and progressive (like me) benefit from Christianity (which is not evil)

When It Became Bad To Be Good And Whether This Is Bad Or Good

Should you be bad or good to succeed in this world? What even are these moral terms anymore? This article is for metalheads and Catholic priests

Political Correctness Versus Free Speech—Must We Choose?

Do we need to choose between rambunctious free speech and prudish political correctness. Is there a better middle-ground, and one that doesn’t trade-off these values so heavy-handedly. In fact, there is a best-of-both-worlds solution

Is Good Design Invisible? · Questioning The Maxim

“Good design is invisible; bad design is everywhere” is an axiom held dear by many designers. But should design be completely transparent and are there cases when you should design to be noticed?