The Weird Facebook Mystery: Who and What is Tim Townsend, Bill Hitchert and Tiny Buzz? [Investigation]

Online detective case into the real identity and purpose of the bizzare Tim Townsend, Bill Hitchert and Tiny Buzz pages

Market your Business with Pokémon Go – But get in Quick!

Lure Pokémon and people to your brick-and-mortar store by getting in on the Pokémon Go craze right now. Integrate it into your next marketing campaign before the craze dies out. Also, we discuss the future of this app and of some groundbreaking marketing concepts that it uses.

Digital Marketing Trends – The Future of Digital Marketing

What will the future of digital marketing look like and what trends are happening right now? These are exciting times in the marketing world where technology is revolutionising customer relations, communication channels, the creative process and even the concept of advertising itself.

Social Media advertising on 8 different sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Google+

Social media advertisements are often targeted in advanced and highly effective ways. Furthermore, they often reach consumers at times when they aren’t busy or in a bad mood, because much of social media use is recreational. If you’re convinced of the benefits of social media advertising for your business, then the choice is: which site? There are a plethora of options so we’ll go through the main ones which we have divided into: The Big Three and The Emerging Five.

Social Media for your Website – a walkthrough on connecting with consumers online

Realise the power of social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to build brand relationships, brand communities, brand awareness and also to create credible consumer testimonials. Various ways to social media integrate your site.

Consumer Culture: Online Influence & How It Affects Your Business Sales Pt.2

Consumer Culture: Online Influence & How It Affects Your Business Sales Pt.2 – In part two, we will go over some strategies and examples of how you can make your online presence strong through search engine optimisation, an emphasis on positive reviews and having your prices clearly listed to allow customers to price match online.