The Future Web: Our Mind-Blowing Predictions That Are Almost Certain

The internet of the future will immerse you in its structure and contents. You will be able to view the internet as a visual object and you will be able to watch it like a documentary,

Trolling Is Actually A Beautiful Concept—A Game Played Since The Dawn Of Humanity

Trolling is a game that has been going since the dawn of humanity and has evolved in the web

More Words | Words for Word Games

If you are a wordsmith, a man of words, like to give a good word, speak the word, or like finding a word – well, More Words is for you. Great reference site for all things words, obvious uses include crosswords, anagrams and games, but also a handy tool for keywords.

Fifteen Seconds of Fame

Andy Warhol lived in a different generation and related to a different time … he spoke of everyone wanting their 15 minutes of fame. Well now, with the Internet, time has taken on a whole new meaning. Welcome to the 15 seconds of fame! That elusive viral video that spreads like wildfire and captures the hearts and minds of a global market. Read more as our Sydney correspondent Taylor looks at the most elusive viral post.

Playing for Change | Buskers Unite

Connecting the World Through Music Visit Playing for Change What Playing for Change says Playing for Change is a multimedia movement created to inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music. What Funky Monkey says This is one of those sites where putting it in writing just doesn’t give it justice. Sure I […]

Bizarro Comics | Absurdity or Insight

Bizarro | The World as seen by Dan Piraro Visit Bizarro Blog What Bizarro says Well that’s hard to answer – he hasn’t added a META description to his blog site, and the title is rather mundane. After all this site is a visual feast … so really you just have to visit it and […]

Panoramas | 360 Degrees

360° Views around the world. Visit What Panoramas says Travel the World for free. Visit Paris – London – Rome – New York etc. Fly in a minute to Australia and Brazil by 360 degree panoramas What Funky Monkey says Some sites are just cool. Since 2002 Panoramas has been publishing VR photography and […]